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In this episode Derek Champagne talks about ways ways to repurpose your content as a thought leader. Our guest this week, Jeffrey Smith, shares new and innovative platforms for sharing your content as a thought leader.

Jeffrey Smith stays ahead of technology to present new and unique ways to share your brand message. Jefrey talks about the new technology with Amazon Echo's Alexa flash briefings. Jeffrey has a background working with Hollywood production studios, web and app development, and other cutting edge technologies.

Listen in to hear how Jeffrey can help your business create your own flash briefing on this platform.

Be sure to get listen to our new Business Leadership Daily Minute flash briefings on your Amazon Echo. Simply visit your Amazon Alexa personal app, select "customize Alexa", select Flash Briefing, and search for us in "Get more Flash Briefing content".

Learn more at www.businessleadershipseries.com


In this episode Derek Champagne interviews Jeffrey Shaw. Having a keen eye isn’t just for what one sees, but also for what one senses. Jeffrey Shaw, the LINGO guy, has been the go-to portrait photographer for an exclusive clientele for 30+ years. His portraits have appeared on The Oprah Show, CBS News, in “O” Magazine, People Magazine and New York Family Magazine. Jeffrey is also the host of the
popular business podcast Creative Warriors and a featured speaker on The Moth.

Now Jeffrey uses his honed intuition to see and sense to help businesses stand out, attract their ideal customers, and create brand loyalty that supersedes price. His book, LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer’s Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible helps business owners and entrepreneurs understand their ideal customers on a deeper level, increasing engagement and profits.

With a social media audience of more than 100,000, Jeffrey’s commitment to promoting your show helpsyou reach new listeners. He’s passionate about helping others grow.

FREE gift for our listeners: http://www.jeffreyshaw.com/leadership/


In this episode Derek Champagne interviews Michael Giannulis. Michael has overcome the odds and loves to share that story to inspire others. Mike especially thrives on connecting with entrepreneurs to motivate them to “do big things” in the world.

Mike’s story begins in an average family where he had to work for everything he had. He started “at the bottom” and worked his way into the American Dream. In fact, Mike dropped out of high school, went back to get his degree and even went to college… ending up on a popular reality TV show. As a guy who started his working life stocking shelves on
the overnight shift at a giant retailer, Mike has seen the spectrum.

Now Mike grows and scales companies, using real-world experience to make this happen. His most recent company is on track to do $40 million in gross revenues. He is a serial entrepreneur who develops systems to help other entrepreneurs run multiple companies without having to be there.

In 2012 Mike appeared on the ABC television show Extreme Weight Loss,losing 255 pounds. He has overcome a stutter. He has gone from the bottom of the corporate ladder to the top of the mountain… and he loves helping others do the same.


Download your free copy of “How To Obliterate The Blank Page” AT www.onlyonemike.com/leadership


In this episode Derek Champagne interviews his friend and successful entrepreneur, Jaime Jay.

Jaime is a serial entrepreneur who currently owns four companies, including SlapShot Studios (www.slapshotstudio.com) and Bottleneck Virtual Assistants (www.bottleneck.online).

Jaime shares his compelling story with Derek about growing up in Alaska (and other parts of the country), and how he has personally overcome failure, disappointment, and tragedy to flourish in life and business.

You don't want to miss Jaime's personal story and how he defines success today!


In this episode Derek Champagne interviews Travis Chappell. Travis Chappell is a direct sales expert who has built teams for several sales organizations over a few different industries and is also active in the real estate market.

More recently he decided to pursue his passion of helping others and founded Build Your Network, a podcast dedicated to helping professionals grow their inner circle.
Travis says his “ah-ha moment” in business
came when he realized that while everyone
seems to know how important it is to create
relationships, nobody exclusively deals with
building a powerful network.

Nobody talks about tips and tricks from successful people on how to meet the right people in the area of life you want success in the most. And that is how Build your Network came about, and why Travis launched his podcast of the same name.

A Southern California guy, Travis loves to watch and play basketball, and hit the golf course when he can.

Learn more at: www.buildyournetwork.co


In this episode Derek Champagne interviews Rick Cesari. Rick is the Founder and CEO of Cesari Media one of the top brand building, response generating agencies in North America.

Pioneer in the direct response industry since the early 90’s he has used brand response techniques to build many iconic brands. Products like The Juiceman, Sonicare, The George Foreman Grill,and OxiClean. Rick has helped companies like GoPro grow from startup to over $1 Billion in sales. He is the author of two books, “Buy Now” and coming soon, “Building Billion Dollar Brands – Spectacular Successes and Cautionary Tales: The lure of Transactional Branding from both sides of the fence.”

His newest company Cesari Ignite focuses on working with Business owners and CEO’s on creating strategies, structure and accelerated growth for their businesses.

Claim your free guide to The 5 Keys to Building a Great Brand at: cesariignite.com


In this episode Derek Champagne, CEO of The Artist Evolution, chats with Vincent Pugliese. Vincent is an author, entrepreneur, and one of the top sports photographer in the United States. Vincent has photographed top sporting events such as the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Championship, and even WrestleMania! However, Vincent didn't always have clear direction and success did not come easily. Listen as Vincent shares his early struggles, lessons he learned about freedom, and how he found success along the way.

Vincent's new book, Freelance to Freedom, the roadmap for creating a side business to achieve financial, time and life freedom, releases with Morgan James Publishing to stores Nationwide in early 2018. His ebook is currently available on Amazon (and other online bookstores). This book is a roadmap to achieving a life of freedom with time, money and location.

Learn more at: http://vincentpugliese.com


In this episode Derek Champagne interviews Shark Tank Veteran Catharine Arnston.

Catharine, the Founder and CEO ENERGYbits® Inc, shares her inspiring entrepreneurial journey. Her journey is a case study for passion in action as she shares insight for building a category. "Are you building a pup tent or a sky scraper", shares Catharine.

This is a must listen to episode as Catharine shares many value bombs about purpose, passion, and patience in building a successful business.

Learn more at www.energybits.com


In this episode Derek Champagne interviews Krista Anderson. Krista Anderson is the founder and CEO of ESSTAR, a Nashville-based natural food brokerage company. ESSTAR makes healthy snack foods accessible through their "Krista's Healthy on the Go" food stations in convenience stores.

Called to action by a long but victorious battle with stage 2 cancer in 2007, and stage 4 cancer in 2009 when she was given three months to live, Krista became passionate about healthy eating. Her mission is to make healthy food accessible to the public, both to help fight disease and to encourage and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Prior to founding ESSTAR, Krista worked in marketing for Nestle Professional, assisting in building the foodservice beverage portfolio.

Learn more at http://www.esstar.us/


In this episode Derek Champagne shares his interview as a guest on the Lance Tamashiro Show (www.lancetamashiro.com/). Derek talks about his experience as an entrepreneur, success and failures, and how to stop wasting money and only do marketing that works. Derek also shares stories of guerrilla marketing from his days as a Hollywood musician and Sunset Blvd marketer.

Learn more about Derek's book at www.dontbuyaduck.com

Learn more about Derek's online marketing course at www.champagnemarketingcourses.com


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